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Recommended LinkedIn Learning Courses

Leading Your Team Through Change

Great leaders help their organization overcome challenges and change course. But change is hard, and anyone managing a team needs a proven playbook to help them rally their employees as they acclimate to new ideas and initiatives. In this course, join Mike Derezin—the vice president of learning solutions at LinkedIn—as he highlights frameworks and strategies for guiding teams through actionable change. Throughout the course, Mike shares insights gleaned from his own years in leadership, including how to address active resisters (and manage passive ones), take pulse checks, and hold people accountable for making change happen. Upon wrapping up this course, you’ll be better equipped to lead your organization through both large and small changes.
21 mins.


Leading Virtual Meetings

Leading virtual meetings is a critical competency for leaders who manage a remote or blended team. Join leadership and management expert Kevin Eikenberry as he identifies the challenges to holding a productive meeting online, and shares tactics for making these meetings successful. Learn about how to choose the right platform, set expectations for conduct, clarify roles, create a great agenda, and more.
32 mins.


Managing Virtual Teams

Working remotely has been on the rise for many years now, with research showing that hiring managers expect nearly half of all their workers to be working remotely over the next decade. While many trends feed into this way of organizing work, managing the work effectively will be key to the success of organizations globally. In this course, instructor Phil Gold provides managers with a clear approach for getting the most out of their remote teams. He zeros in on the key factors that will ensure productivity, engagement, and growth, as well as a manager’s role in building trust, removing roadblocks, nurturing connections with team members, and setting clear goals.
56 mins.


Remote Work Foundations

When you unlock the power of remote work, you can ditch your commute, work where you focus best, and spend more time doing things you love, all while advancing your career. In this course, coach Mike Gutman from FlexJobs shows how to use today's cloud-based communication and collaboration tools to get work done from anywhere, while remaining connected to your organization. He reveals how you can create a productive work environment at home or around town by structuring your day correctly and avoiding distractions. He also explains how to build rapport with remote colleagues so you feel like you're part of the team and succeed in your remote career. Watch this course to learn how to work productively, when and where you want, and achieve the freedom and flexibility you need for a more balanced life.
60 mins.


Leading Remote Projects and Virtual Teams

Being able to manage remote projects and lead virtual teams has never been more important. The COVID-19 crisis has required business professionals to adapt to new digital workflows, communicating and collaborating virtually with clients and colleagues across the world. In this timely course, Cyndi Snyder Dionisio guides you through the unique aspects of remote project management, from engaging virtual teams to choosing the right technology and collaboration tools. Get tips for conducting effective remote meetings—even with attendees in different time zones—and overcoming the unique challenges associated with leading remote teams, including building rapport and alleviating burnout.
29 mins.


Leading Virtually: Vulnerability and Presence when Working from Home

The ability to lead virtually is more important than ever. The global economy means many organizations are collaborating with clients and colleagues across the world—and the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many on-site teams to transition to work-from-home positions. In these challenging times, leaders have to maintain a careful balancing act—balancing vulnerability and presence, authority and empathy—to truly connect with remote employees and keep their businesses moving in the right direction. This course collects timely, relevant advice for leading virtual teams and projects. Authors Simon Sinek and Charlene Li—and comedian Lisa Lampanelli—offer guidance on building trust, listening, practicing servant leadership, and engaging stakeholders inside and outside the organization.
27 mins.


Leading at a Distance

Technology has enabled many former office workers to work from home or anywhere remotely. As the overall job landscape shifts, the number of remote workers will likely continue to increase. For the managers and leaders spearheading these remote teams, as well as teams that consist of remote and in-person employees, making the jump from in-person to virtual leadership can be challenging. In this course, instructor Kevin Eikenberry lays out how to lead effectively from a distance. He dives into the basics of remote leadership, such as how working remotely changes interpersonal dynamics. Plus, he shares tips for getting results at a distance—including how to provide remote coaching and feedback—as well as how to build trust, set reasonable boundaries as a long-distance leader, and more.
36 mins.


Time Management: Working from Home

Working from home is a wonderful opportunity, but time management can be a challenge. With so many demands on your time and attention, it's a tricky balancing act to stay productive. In this course, bestselling author and productivity expert Dave Crenshaw offers best practices for anyone who works full-time or occasionally from home. Dave begins by showing how to set up a dedicated workspace for maximum productivity, including tips on setting up your computer to ensure you stay focused. Then Dave walks through how to craft your daily schedule for peak productivity and plan meaningful breaks to avoid burnout. He explains how to collaborate with remote coworkers, including how to use virtual meetings productively. Finally, Dave offers advice for working parents and other caregivers who might be balancing professional and personal responsibilities in the home.
1h 25 mins.


Digital Body Language

People rely on body language and tone to grasp the real meaning of messages. Without these cues, we misunderstand each other more quickly, argue more, and walk away faster from relationships. In the virtual world—where most business is conducted—it’s even harder to communicate. If you want to build closer relationships with colleagues and clients, digital body language is your solution. Join collaboration expert Erica Dhawan as she explains how to use digital body language to close the empathy gap between you and your team. Learn why it’s important to always assume the best intent in others, and find out how to carefully craft your responses, communicate your feelings, and negotiate delicate power dynamics. With these tips, you can take charge of your communications online and off.
25 mins.


Organizing Your Remote Office for Maximum Productivity

Working remotely gives you amazing freedom, but how you set up your office makes all the difference. To maximize your productivity, you need to be able to easily transition from home life to work life and back again. From setting up your physical space to managing your digital life, author and productivity expert Paula Rizzo can help you get more done when working remotely. Learn to harness your personal productivity style to create an intentional workspace; adapt any room, regardless of size; choose the right equipment and technology; present better during video meetings; organize your documents and files; and set boundaries with those you share space with. Plus, learn to plan ahead to take your workspace on the road—wherever business takes you.
26 mins.


Balancing Work and Life as a Work-from-Home Parent

Working remotely can be hard enough, particularly during a time of crisis. But when the worlds of work, parenting, and school collide, recovering your equilibrium can feel nearly impossible. Andrea Bonior—a clinical psychologist, best-selling author, and mom of three—has been living out these same struggles for months. In this course, she shares tips for juggling your job and your life as a work-from-home parent. Using behavioral research, her expertise as a psychologist, and her personal experience working through these same challenges, Andrea details how to establish a concrete personal plan to reduce stress, set boundaries, and embrace each day with new motivation. Learn about the most common enemies of time management and how to conquer them. Discover how to set boundaries that lessen intrusions, boost your productivity, and keep your work time from trickling into your family time. Plus, learn how to extend compassion to yourself.
28 mins.


Privacy in the New World of Work

As countries and businesses begin to open up again, one way that leaders protect their citizens and employees is through a variety of tracking efforts. But the use of tracking technologies has created a unique set of privacy challenges that everyone—from CEOs to individual contributors—must grapple with. In this course, join Kalinda Raina, head of global privacy at LinkedIn, as she explores the privacy challenges raised by the global pandemic, as well as the steps you can take as a citizen, parent, employee, and manager to protect privacy. Learn about the ways that governments are surveilling citizens for COVID. Discover why it's important to ensure that data you share during the pandemic doesn't continue to be collected (and can't be used against you in the future). Learn how to protect your customer's privacy when working from home, as well as what you can do as a parent to teach your child privacy best practices. Plus, Kalinda provides leaders with guidance on how to make important decisions about reopening offices.
32 mins.


What’s Next: Thought Leaders on Reinventing Work

There's no set instruction manual on how to navigate our complicated new normal. What will the new workplace look like? How can organizations continue to stay afloat while dealing with limited resources? What are the issues managers and leaders need to keep in mind as they try to create the new normal? In this course, join LinkedIn Learning instructors as they address these critical issues and provide strategies and real-life current examples that can help you adapt to the new world of work.
1h 10 mins.


How to Boost Your Creativity from Home in 10 Days

Creative thinking is something we’re all capable of. And it's a skill we can all improve with a bit of effort. Instructor Dave Birss has spent much of his career studying and applying creativity. He’s helped to lead the creative departments of some of the UK’s biggest ad agencies. And he’s conducted experiments to see what helps people come up with better ideas. In this course, he shares his knowledge with you. Discover how to develop your creative abilities, so you're better equipped to generate valuable ideas for your company or yourself. Each lesson includes a practical exercise that’s designed to improve different facets of your creative abilities. Along the way, Dave shares tools and techniques to help you come up with, improve upon, and prototype novel ideas. Plus, get tips for persuading decision-makers to support your ideas. Tune in to one lesson a day for 10 days to supercharge your creative abilities.
32 mins.


Communicating Internally During Times of Uncertainty

During a crisis, communicating with your employees should be your first priority. Your most important job as a leader is to make sure your team feels safe in working with and for you. This course gives you the necessary tools to communicate internally during times of change or uncertainty. Learn how to communicate with transparency and empathy, identify what you want to say and when to say it, and manage questions, reactions, and anxiety from your team. Instructor Mory Fontanez—a transformation consultant helping Fortune 500 companies and startups enact meaningful change— also provides tips for staying connected to your workforce after the crisis has passed and putting what you've learned about internal communication into regular business practice.
31 mins.


Dealing with Grief, Loss, and Change as an Employee

What makes grief, loss, and change so challenging is the difficulty we have experiencing and expressing unpleasant feelings. The COVID-19 pandemic, economic downturn, and related challenges have brought these feelings into the workplace. As an employee, it can be difficult to balance grief and loss with professional responsibilities, especially since many organizations don't have a script for handling these situations. This timely course from Joan Rosenberg, PhD, is a strategic and practical guide to building core emotional strength, reducing anxiety, and developing the confidence needed to navigate grief, loss and change. Combining more than three decades of clinical experience with the latest psychology, mindfulness, and neuroscience research, Joan helps learners understand what grief really is and how to manage the impact of loss and change.
53 mins.


How to Be an Adaptable Employee during Change and Uncertainty

The world is changing fast. That's why, as an employee, the most valuable skill you can cultivate is adaptability, so you're ready for anything. In this course, Dorie Clark shares concrete tips and strategies to become more adaptable—and embrace adaptability as an ongoing part of your life. Learn how to cultivate an adaptable mindset and build the right skills, including communication and open-mindedness. Then find out how to put your new adaptability skills into action by talking directly to your boss, taking on new tasks, and developing a positive attitude. The skills you learn in this course can help you thrive in times of crisis, and succeed no matter what the future holds.
35 mins.


How to Innovate and Stay Relevant in Times of Change and Uncertainty

Times of change and uncertainty are great opportunities to benefit from innovation. When every other company seems to be doing the same thing and cutting activities deemed to be unnecessary, you can benefit by doing the exact opposite. Join innovation expert and author Dave Birss, as he teaches leaders and managers how to spot new opportunities, pivot, and innovate when the world around them has gone mad. Discover how to set the groundwork for innovation, encourage your teams to generate innovative ideas, and select the best ideas to prototype and launch into action.
30 mins.


Decision-Making in High-Stress Situations

By changing how we think about making decisions under pressure, we can remain effective leaders, even during times of crisis. In this course, Becki Saltzman shares how to leverage stress to your advantage, getting the pressure to work for you instead of against you when you need to think of options and determine what to do. She explains how to uncover hidden options, consider potential outcomes, and move forward with making a decision. Find out how to calculate costs, avoid the pitfalls of consensus-driven decisions, and successfully make strong judgment calls. Ultimately, she helps you to prevent stress from becoming the enemy of good decisions.
36 mins.


Supporting Your Mental Health While Working from Home

Working from home is a new phenomenon for many professionals. Different worlds—work, school, and parenting—are suddenly colliding. People are discovering how much their environment impacts their productivity and wellbeing, and how difficult it can be to focus when there are so many demands on their time. In this course, neuroscience expert and author Amy Brann helps you adjust to this new normal by training your brain to overcome disruptions and distractions, accept and get real about your emotions, reframe your expectations, and preserve your relationships. Using the latest insights from neuroscience, Amy shares nontechnical, practical guidance for not just surviving, but thriving as you work from home.
18 mins.


Managing Anxiety in the Workplace

We all get anxious at times. But what do you do when anxiety is disrupting your job? This course provides resources to help you manage your anxiety and be more effective and successful at work. Dr. Srini Pillay, a Harvard-trained psychologist, explains how to recognize anxiety and understand when you need clinical help. For those who can manage day to day, he provides guidance to navigate the ins and outs of the workplace: from finding a job to having more successful interactions with coworkers. He also provides productivity strategies designed to help you manage conflict, technology hiccups, and work-related stress. Plus, learn how to manage and lead with anxiety in mind—so you can guide your reports through challenging times and overcome imposter syndrome and other anxiety-related traps.
1h 9 mins.


Recharge Your Energy for Peak Performance

Our ability to be productive and perform at work is not based on the time we spend on each task, but the energy we bring to the time we have. In this course, learn how to boost your productivity by managing your energy more effectively. Instructor Heidi Hanna kicks off the course by discussing why energy management is crucial to your professional success, as well as how to craft an energy investment strategy for growth and sustainability. Heidi shares tips for anchoring your attention to what matters most, priming your brain to sleep, fueling wisely with proper nutrition, and creating a seven-day recharge sprint. To wrap up, she details how to create a high-energy culture at work by energizing time management and seeking out quiet spaces and recharge stations in your environment.
52 mins.


Avoiding Burnout

Prolonged periods of stress—related to your work, your home life, or your health—can lead to burnout. Burnout reduces our productivity and saps our energy, leaving us overwhelmed by everyday tasks and feeling increasingly cynical and resentful. In this course, Todd Dewett helps you recognize some of the most common causes of burnout, such as long hours, too much travel, tight deadlines, and no vacation, so that you can figure out how to prevent stress from building up. Plus, get tips for jump-starting your recovery and publicly owning your burnout experience.
24 mins.


How to Run a Brilliant Remote Workshop

Get practical advice, techniques, and frameworks to help you develop and run effective remote workshops. With in-person professional gatherings halted due to COVID-19, expert Dave Birss can teach you how to create and run a remote workshop that will have an impact and help you achieve your business goals. Using engaging examples and his signature humor, Dave walks you through preparing for a great remote workshop, selecting the right technology, engaging participants, working with the output of a remote workshop, and more. You can also get tips to move an existing workshop from an offline event to an online one, and facilitate a successful workshop that benefits all participants.
37 mins.


Leading in Uncertain Times

A crisis can spark uncertainty and chaos that challenges leaders, their people, and the structures they depend on. But leaders can take charge of what they can control to establish new routines and tactics that adapt and change with what is needed. In this course, review key leadership strategies gleaned from some of our very best LinkedIn Learning courses. This selection of curated highlights offers wisdom for leaders to help them lead themselves, their teams, and their organizations during this time of enormous change. Discover ways to turn adversity into opportunity, create conditions that encourage your team to practice a growth mindset, remain transparent when communicating with employees and customers, and much more.
46 mins.


Executive Presence on Video Conference Calls

Learn how to shine on video conference calls. Communication consultant Jessica Chen provides expert advice to look and sound confident, collected, and smart on your next conference call or video presentation. Discover how to prepare your material, how to contribute to the call, and how to incorporate engaging visuals. Get body language, posture, and wardrobe tips to make a powerful impression. Finally, learn the technical details to building a mini "studio" for conducting calls, including choosing a webcam, lighting yourself, and placing a microphone for quality sound.
35 mins.


Supporting Your Kids’ Learning at Home

Corbin and Kat Anderson have spent years perfecting their teaching craft in both physical and virtual classrooms. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they—like millions of other parents—found themselves grappling with a new challenge: helping their kids learn at home. In this course, Corbin and Kat explore the essentials of successfully schooling your kids at home, sharing tips and tricks gleaned from their own experiences. Whether your child is at home sick for a day, or home for weeks due to a pandemic, this course provides you with the essential information you need to guide their learning journey and keep them up to speed with their educational goals and requirements. Learn how to structure a successful workday, provide constructive feedback, and use games to keep kids engaged. Plus, discover where to find resources to educate yourself so you can provide proper support in core subject areas.
1h 21 mins.


Learning Zoom

Collaborate more seamlessly using Zoom, the popular video conferencing tool. In this course, staff instructor Garrick Chow shows how to schedule, moderate, and participate in Zoom meetings. Garrick begins by showing how to set up your Zoom account and adjust audio and video settings. Next, he walks through joining and participating in meetings scheduled by others. Garrick covers how to use a variety of options during meetings such as adjusting views, muting your microphone, turning your video camera on and off, and sharing your screen. Finally, Garrick demonstrates how to host your own Zoom meetings and webinars, from scheduling and adjusting moderator settings to recording meetings.
1h 21 mins.


Microsoft Teams Essential Training

Discover the core features of Microsoft Teams and see how you can bring together colleagues, create conversations and content, and collaborate more effectively. Author Nick Brazzi walks you through the essentials of using Teams, starting with basic setup, creating new teams, and joining existing teams. Nick covers organizing teams and members and shows how to conduct conversations. He explains how to create scheduled meetings or initiate impromptu meetings inside Teams, and demonstrates file sharing. Finally, Nick walks you through customizing user settings, and explains how to use Teams on mobile devices.
2h 16 mins.

Learning Paths

A learning path compiles and organizes several courses for more extensive study on a specific topic. For planning purposes, an organized timeline is provided in each learning path. Once complete, you'll be able to share this accomplishment on your LinkedIn profile. This will show your professional network that you've dedicated significant time to learning new skills in a specific area.


Remote Working: Setting Yourself and Your Teams Up for Success

Optimize working remotely in this set of online courses—whether you’re new to remote work or not, and whether you’re leading a team or part of a team involving distributed team members. Discover how to be productive and stay connected when working from home or other remote environments.
17 courses
14h 33 mins.


Communicating During Times of Change

Communication is essential during times of change. In this learning path, discover how and when to communicate during a crisis while managing your company's reputation and connecting with key stakeholders. Plus, learn communication foundations, such as effective listening and digital body language.
10 courses
9h 10 mins.


Staying Positive and Productive during Uncertainty

In this learning path, discover skills and techniques to help you stay positive and productive in your career during times of uncertainty. These 16 courses can help you deal with workplace change, find purpose and direction, lead others, and increase efficiency.
16 courses
15h 41 mins.


Leading during Times of Change

Managers and leaders are constantly confronted with change. Learn the specific techniques to plan your change effort as well as how to address the cultural and emotional challenges that arise during organizational changes.
16 courses
12h 11 mins.


Supporting Your Well-Being during Times of Change and Uncertainty

In this learning path, you can gain immediately applicable skills to support your well-being during times of change and uncertainty. Twenty curated courses cover topics such as practicing mindfulness and meditation; managing anxiety, depression, and stress; calming your mind; and restoring your body.
21 courses
16h 7 mins.


Manage Change and Develop Your Adaptability Skills

Discover how to maintain effectiveness when experiencing major changes in your work tasks or environment. Find out how to adjust quickly and effectively to learn and work within new work structures, processes, requirements, or cultures.
8 courses
5h 58 mins.


Building Trust and Collaborating with Others

Learn how to develop and maintain collaborative, constructive, and cooperative working relationships. Identify opportunities to connect teams, departments, units, and organizations. Discover how to interact with others and give them confidence in the intentions of you and your organization.
9 courses
7h 46 mins.