Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for classes?

You can enroll in live training, virtual training and/or online training classes using UNT Bridge (UNT, UNT Dallas, UNT System Administration employees) or LearnHSC (UNTHSC employees).  These learning management systems will save your training record and provide the option for a certificate if needed.

  1. Login to UNT Bridge or LearnHSC
  2. Click on the Learning Library or Training Calendar
  3. Browse to locate a live training session or an online course
  4. Click on Details for additional information
  5. Click on View Session to register for a live or virtual training.  Click on Enroll to begin an online course.

Who can attend training and development classes?
Faculty, staff and student employees are eligible to attend training. Most classes are offered at no cost.  A supervisor’s consent is required to attend.

Do I have to use my personal time off (vacation, floating holiday) to attend?
Policies allow employees to attend classes during work hours. Supervisory approval is required before registration. Learn more:

How do I cancel a class registration?
Go to My Learning in UNT Bridge or LearnHSC

How do I use LinkedIn Learning?
LinkedIn Learning is integrated with UNT Bridge or LearnHSC.

How do I contact someone in Organizational Development & Engagement?
Email us at