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Compensation & Performance Management

The HR Compensation and Performance Management team provides support to all employees across UNT World. The team administers compensation plans and the staff performance management system, develops related processes, policies, training and other services.  

To locate a classification (job) description, access PeopleAdmin at  Classification descriptions are accessible by all UNT World employees by selecting the Position Management module and clicking on the Classifications drop-down menu.

Salary and compensation plans are designed to:

  • Ensure fair pay that is tied to current market levels
  • Establish clear career paths so team members know how they may advance in their organization
  • Help recruit, retain and motivate talented team members

The staff performance management system is designed to:

  • Improve employee and supervisor experiences in the evaluation process and facilitate regular communication regarding employee performance
  • Provide an efficient, electronic system to track review processes and due dates and serve as a central location for storage of employee goals, position responsibilities, competencies (where utilized), performance notes, and evaluation results

Services provided by the Compensation and Performance Management Team include:

  • Classification of new positions
  • Reclassification of existing positions
  • Development and execution of Performance Management programs
  • Conduct analysis of internal equity and labor market survey data
  • Establishment of salary ranges for staff classifications
  • Creation and maintenance of classification descriptions
  • Consultation and training for managers, supervisors and staff

Compensation for Faculty

The Office of the Provost at each campus monitors and manages faculty salaries to support recruitment and retention. The Provost also oversees policies and procedures for tenure and promotion. Supplemental pay is available, but must be approved by Human Resources and the appropriate executive prior to the assignment start date. Learn more: