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Available Training Opportunities

ODE Live Training Via Zoom (in real time)

If you require special accommodation requirements as outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act, please provide your request to and a representative from the Office of Organizational Development & Engagement will contact you. 


Engagement Action Planning 
An Engagement Action Planning session is an important next step that every team should have following a review of their engagement survey results. This session will review what engagement means, demonstrate a few ways to conduct an engagement conversation with your team, and review how to create an action plan based on those conversations.

•    Learn the key concepts of employee engagement and be able to articulate those concepts to others. 
•    Discover how to effectively prepare for a productive engagement discussion with your team 
•    Identify helpful communication techniques to encourage transparent dialogue during the engagement action planning session. 
•    Discuss strategies to keep your team focused on engagement after the action planning session is over  
When:  Tuesday, March 16, 2021  2:00 PM – 3:30 PM   Intended Audience:  All employees 

Managing Up:  Building an Effective Relationship With Your Manager

Do you feel that your work relationship with your supervisor could be improved? Do you find yourself thinking, “my manager doesn’t understand what I do?” Not every vital working relationship is a perfect match immediately. 

The good news is that there are some tips and tricks that employees can learn to work more productively with their manager. In this engaging session, we will equip you with the skills needed to better connect with your manager in a way that optimizes shared success.

When:  Thursday, March 18, 2021  1:00 PM – 2:30 PM   Intended Audience:  All Employees

Building Resilience in Uncertain Times

Struggling with anxiety about the future?  Grieving and don’t understand why?  Trouble staying focused in the present?  Trying to manage multiple priorities or stressors at home and at work?  Maybe feeling overwhelmed or sad?

Drawing from the research and practice of Positive Psychology, this session will provide you with practical strategies you can utilize to build and maintain your personal resilience as well as improve your overall well-being.

When:  Wednesday, March 24, 2021  2:00 PM – 3:30 PM   Intended Audience:  All Employees

Leading a Difficult Conversation as a Non-Supervisor

Difficult conversations are inevitable in any workplace and within any role. You cannot avoid these kinds of conversations, but you can learn how to handle them more effectively. This session will introduce a process for taking control in these crucial situations and how to lead a difficult conversation more effectively. 

When:  Thursday, April 1, 2021  2:00 PM – 3:30 PM   Intended Audience:  All Employees

ODE Pre-Recorded Webinars

Our pre-recorded webinars, along with accompanying participant guides, are available on UNT World Learning. Click on the title below to access the training, and then click "Register Now" to begin. Participant guides are available for download at the start of each session.

Webinars for All Employees

Critical Thinking Skills
Benefits of the EAP
Clifton Strengths 
How to Handle Change 
Emotional Intelligence 
Communicating with Confidence
Multi-Generational Workplace
Attitude: A Little Thing that Makes a Big Difference
Customer Service Principles Communication
Skillful Collaboration
Building Resilience in Uncertain Times
Developing Positive Relationships
Dealing with Challenging Attitudes:  From the Inside Out
Employee Engagement Overview
Resolving Conflict
Communication Styles
Productive Work Habits
Customer Service Principles:  Problem Solving
De-escalation Techniques:  How to Communicate Effectively with Upset People
Communication Skills:  Part 1
Communication Skills Part 2
Engaging with Empathy
How to Manage Your Emotions
Strategies for Flourishing in the New Normal:  Is it even possible?
Managing Up
Got the COVID Holiday Blues?  Strategies for Coping with 2020 Holiday Stress
Understanding & Boosting Motivation
Engagement Action Planning

Webinars for Supervisors

Deconstructing the Difficult Conversation
Positive Approaches to Resolving Performance and Conduct Problems 
Foundations of Supervision 
Coaching for Performance 
Performance Management
Facilitating Effective Performance Evaluations
The Employee Lifecycle
The Art of Successful Coaching
Supervisor Communication Skills
Managing Remote Workers

Diversity and Inclusion Training

We have partnered with UNT Diversity and Inclusion to deliver virtual diversity and inclusion training resources to everyone in UNT World. Check out UNT Diversity and Inclusion’s recommended webinars and Tele-Talks! These webinars provide foundational concepts that serve as great primers for UNT’s in-person diversity and inclusion sessions. Completion of these sessions will appear in each employee’s professional development portfolio.

Please click here to access these virtual training opportunities on the D&I Resources website.

Register for a Class

You can enroll in live training and/or online training classes using the UNT World Learning system.  UNT World learning will save your training record and provide the option for a certificate if needed.

Follow the directions below to enroll in a live training session or take an online course.

  1. Login to UNT World Learning
  2. Click on the Learning Library
  3. Browse through a category to locate a live training session or an online course
  4. Click on Review for additional information
  5. Click on Register or Begin Course button