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Applicant Reviewer

Reviewing an Applicant

Step 1: Log In

Reviewing an Applicant Access the PeopleAdmin system via the employee portal,, click the link to the PeopleAdmin system and log in using your EUID and password.

Step 2: Module View and User Role

Please check your module view in the top left hand corner, it should say Applicant Tracking System. If it says anything else, you can change this by clicking the three dots in the corner and then making a selection.

Screenshot: Module View > Applicant Tracking System

Please also ensure that you are logged in under the correct user group. To check your user group, look at the top right hand corner of the screen and you will see the user group drop down menu, if it is saying anything other than Applicant Reviewer, you will click the down arrow and select Applicant Reviewer from the list.

Screenshot: User Group > Applicant Reviewer

Only the Applicant Reviewer is able to process applicants through the workflow.

Step 3: Finding the position and reviewing applicants

Click on postings to expand the dropdown menu and select the type of posting that you are working on.

Screenshot: Postings type

You will only see those positions for which you have access to as an Applicant Reviewer. If you have aces to more than one, you will be able to view them here. You will see the position title, posting number, department, number of applicants, workflow state (posted, closed, etc.) and the close date of the job.

Screenshot: Positions to review

From here you can either click on the position name or hover over the actions arrow at the end of the row and make a selection from the dropdown menu.

Screenshot: Select position

  • Clicking on the position name or the view posting link from the actions dropdown menu takes you to the posting summary page.
  • Clicking on the view applicants link, takes you to the list of applicants to be reviewed.

Screenshot: View Posting Applicants

From the list of applicants you can click on either the last name of the applicant you wish to review or the view application link in the actions dropdown menu.

View Applicant

You will then be able to view the applicant’s information as shown below.

Screenshot: Applicant Summary Page

  • Within the summary page you will be able to view any listed certifications, answers to supplemental questions and all other information that the applicants have submitted.
  • Submitted documents will be listed in the summary but in order to view them it is best to click on the documents tab.

Select the documents tab to review the candidate’s uploaded documents without the need for another program. You have the option of printing and/or downloading a copy if necessary.

Screenshot: View candidates' uploaded files

Step 4: Moving the applicants through the workflow

Once you have reviewed the applicant, it is time to move them through the workflow. Hover over the Take Action On Job Application button found on the top right side of the application. When the menu expands, select the relevant workflow action.

Screenshot: Applicants can be removed at any stage and emailed either immediately or when the position is filled

  • When an applicant is being removed from the workflow, you have the option of sending them an email immediately or when the position is filled.

When an applicant is not selected to move forward in the process, the appropriate reason should always be selected.
Applicants that are not of interest to the department should be properly dispositioned and not left in an active state. A robust list of disposition codes will be housed in the system, once you select to remove a candidate, the list will be presented in a pop-up dialogue box for you to choose from.

Screenshot: Disposition codes

Each qualified applicant will need to be forwarded through the entire workflow.

Screenshot: Move to Under Review

The first step is to move all applicants of interest to the Under Review workflow state

Screenshot: Move to Phone Screen and/or Interview

  • It is recommended that candidates be phone screened before being called in for an in person interview.
  • Candidates can be taken out of the workflow and dispositioned at any time during the process.

It is important to note that each post can have multiple finalists, but three to five at most.

Screenshot: Move to Finalist

Once an applicant has been moved to Recommended for Hire, and all other applicants have
been properly dispositioned, the applicant reviewer’s job is complete. The next step would be to prepare the hiring proposal.

Screenshot: Move to Recommend to Hire