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After Interview

Reference Checks

Reference Checks for External Candidates

After an employment application has been submitted and an interview conducted, hiring managers should conduct reference checks prior to extending an offer of employment. A minimum of two (2) references must be completed for the final external candidate. One reference should be a former/current supervisor. A Recruiter is available to provide guidance to hiring managers seeking references.

Reference Checks for Internal Candidates

When considering an internal employee as a final candidate, the hiring manager should contact the employee prior to contacting the candidate’s supervisor for a reference. The current manager must always be contacted for a reference.

Rehires must be reference checked through Campus HR and the former manager before interviews.

Staff Hiring Proposal

Approving a Hiring Proposal

  1. Access the PeopleAdmin system via, click the link to the PeopleAdmin system and log in using your EUID and password.
    Screenshot: Applicant Tracking System
  2. Click the three dots that are at the top left hand corner then select Applicant Tracking System.
  3. From the home page click the “Hiring Proposals” link from the “Inbox.”
    Screenshot: Hiring Proposal tab
  4. Locate and select the title of the position from the list that is presented.
  5. This will take you to the summary page of the hiring proposal, review the proposal and make edits if needed by selecting the edit link.
  6. Hover over the Take Action on Hiring Proposal button and make a selection from the drop-down menu.You can either Approve or return to the Initiator. You will have the opportunity to add comments to the request and to add the request to your “Watch List.”
    • Pay close attention to the requested salary and the budgeted amount. Any salary above midpointmust be sent to Compensation for approval. Any salary above the budgeted amount requires a new ePAR to be submitted.
  7. Once received by Talent Acquisition the Offer Letter will be initiated and sent to for approval.

Finalizing Your Hire

Before Offer is Extended to Candidate

If the salary for the candidate will be over the budgeted amount, consult with Compensation and Budget before extending a verbal offer.

The final candidate’s application status must be changed to offered status. The employment offer is contingent upon successful completion of all pre- employment requirements, including a criminal history check and at UNTHSC, a drug test.

After Candidate Accepts Verbal Offer

If the verbal offer is accepted, please contact a Recruiting Assistant with the details of the offer and tentative start date.

  • All remaining active candidates within the job posting must be dispositioned.
  • An offer letter will be prepared by a Recruiting Assistant and routed to the hiring manager for signature.
  • The Recruiting Assistant will email the prepared offer letter to the candidate for signature along with authorization forms for the pre-employment drug test (if applicable) and criminal history checks.
  • Criminal history check results are typically received within five (5) business days of the date initiated and the outcome communicated to the hiring manager.
  • When all pre-employment verifications have cleared, the employee ID and EUID are created by the Recruiting Assistant and the new hire is registered for Onboarding. At that time, the ePAR should be initiated.
  • An onboarding invitation email will be sent to the new hire with orientation dates and details.
  • When the newly hired employee begins work, please note that the federally required Form I-9 must be completed on the first day of employment and that an ePar must be submitted. Please refer to onboarding guides for additional steps.

Onboarding Checklists

Onboarding checklists are available to assist managers and employees complete required record-keeping steps to join a department team.

Note that a new employee must complete Section 1 of Form I-9 on or before hire date. All new employees must provide appropriate documentation to verify identity and employment eligibility. Section 2 of Form I-9 must be completed by the department and the employee E-Verified within three (3) business days of hire date.

Hiring managers should submit an ePAR within the first few days of the new hire’s employment to ensure enrollment and inclusion for Payroll and Benefits choices.

Retention of Documents

Certified online applications become part of Texas State Public Records. Per Texas Records Retention, all records (resumes, interview notes, etc) need to be retained for a minimum of two years. Please collect all documents related to your search and file in a secure place for two years. Texas State Records Retention Schedule, 3.1.014)